Thursday, 21 February 2019

Nature's Nurture (with Wjiyeon of Gladden)

Again another pretty cool outfit by Wjiyeon, this time combining pieces from all over Middle-earth; from low level gear to Dunland quest rewards, to random drops and skirmish camp barters, she brings them all together into a great outfit.

I can't be certain about it now (because the idea is already planted in my head), but I might now have thought about using colour combinations like this before receiving the screenshots. I just never thought about putting ranger green and olive together as to me, they're both really different colours. To be fair, I have done really different colours before, but ranger green and olive are just too different hues of the same colour for me. This outfit blends the two perfectly, though.

Together with her pet bear, Wjiyeon's outfit looks like it's perfectly crafted for the Bree landscape - I don't know how to put it into words but it just seems like it might even be an NPC outfit(?). I guess some of it comes from the chest piece having an old armour skin that was designed during the Shadows of Angmar era where Bree-land was one of the few 'normal' mannish areas (okay, at this point I'm probably making stuff up all for the justification, but you can't deny that the outfit blends in perfectly!)

Despite the cloak having tengwar inscribed upon it, it doesn't feel too Elvish to me at least, I think mostly due to its shade of green - and luckily for Wjiyeon, its undyeable hue translated well to the concept behind this outfit. My absolute favourite thing of this outfit, though, is how little it is compared to many others on this blog - only four pieces are used, and of those four pieces, the shirt is short-sleeved and the cloak is short. It's just a cool feature to me.

Back: Coldbane
Chest: Shirt of Determination (olive);
Legs: Threadbare Leggings of the Dunland Healer (ranger green);
Feet: Ceremonial Doom-hunter's Boots (default).

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