Monday, 21 January 2019

A Coarse Kinship (with Jularr of Gladden)

The hunter Jularr is forced to interact with all races in Middle-earth, and while he is not racist himself, the historical feud between elves and dwarves doesn't make it easy for him to travel and form relations. Because of that, he tries his best to make an appealing first impression by adorning their cloth.

Gotta say, I never thought ranger green dye would look this classy on an outfit, and I have never seen such a combination of colours. To be honest, although Jularr's last outfit was entitled Controversial Clothing, all save the first of his outfits seem pretty controversial. This one isn't the most, but the colour scheme sure is one you don't see every day, I don't think.

I know it's a Mordor drop, but the leafy patterns on the chestpiece reminds me of the elves a lot, so great job on the detail there, Jularr! Not to mention the boots, being an Ithilien piece, also has flora-esque elements to it, at least it seems to me. That's all pretty cool, but I think I admire the most Jularr's decision to leave his head exposed, again - most times in my outfits I almost always use every slot available, but Jularr shows that less can sometimes be more, and if absence serves the outfit, then you've got yourself the better decision to make.

Back: Festival Azure Cloak (violet);
Chest: Woven Vest of the Last Alliance (ranger green);
Hands: Ceremonial Spear-shaker's Gauntlets (rust);
Feet: Brushed Boots of the Ithilien Path-finder (rust).

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