Monday, 21 January 2019

A Coarse Kinship (with Jularr of Gladden)

The hunter Jularr is forced to interact with all races in Middle-earth, and while he is not racist himself, the historical feud between elves and dwarves doesn't make it easy for him to travel and form relations. Because of that, he tries his best to make an appealing first impression by adorning their cloth.

Gotta say, I never thought ranger green dye would look this classy on an outfit, and I have never seen such a combination of colours. To be honest, although Jularr's last outfit was entitled Controversial Clothing, all save the first of his outfits seem pretty controversial. This one isn't the most, but the colour scheme sure is one you don't see every day, I don't think.

I know it's a Mordor drop, but the leafy patterns on the chestpiece reminds me of the elves a lot, so great job on the detail there, Jularr! Not to mention the boots, being an Ithilien piece, also has flora-esque elements to it, at least it seems to me. That's all pretty cool, but I think I admire the most Jularr's decision to leave his head exposed, again - most times in my outfits I almost always use every slot available, but Jularr shows that less can sometimes be more, and if absence serves the outfit, then you've got yourself the better decision to make.

Back: Festival Azure Cloak (violet);
Chest: Woven Vest of the Last Alliance (ranger green);
Hands: Ceremonial Spear-shaker's Gauntlets (rust);
Feet: Brushed Boots of the Ithilien Path-finder (rust).

Friday, 21 December 2018

Spear of Shu (with Li of Gladden)

Li returns with another Dynasty Warriors inspired outfit! This time she runs around as a soldier of Shu under Liu Bei's command with an outfit inspired by various designs of Shu characters.

Once again, I think this is a great outfit that captured as much as possible the essence of Ancient China with what limited armour pieces we have in LOTRO regarding style. Plus, the boots that came from the LOTRO Anniversary dragon-styled outfit make that reference to Dynasty Warriors' Shu very well as their symbol is the dragon, in tribute to the nickname for Guan Yu's weapon.

When I last played a Dynasty Warriors game, I played on Xing Cai a lot, and that meant I was playing the Bai Di castle level quite a bit. That's why I asked Li if she minded taking the screenshots at a castle-like structure in reference to that, and she was so nice to oblige me! But I think she also knew the outfit would look great within ruined walls, complimenting the rich green that adorned her cloth.

Now the feathers on her helm are nowhere near long enough, but her design sort of reminds me of Ma Chao in the games, I think particularly because she uses a spear also. Also might I say that helmet is beautiful and I can't wait to get my hands on it as soon as possible! 

I personally think I find this outfit more appealing than her last one (which was amazing too, don't get me wrong), but it may boil down simply to my soft spot for Shu as they were portrayed in the game. Nonetheless, now that she has already submitted three Dynasty Warriors inspired outfits, I hope she continues this trend, and I'm not afraid to admit it!

Head: Helm of the Slayer's Raiment;
SHoulders: Fine Camail of the Expedition's Vanguard (gold);
Chest: Breastplate of the Five Rivers (olive);
Hands: Supple Gloves of Bard's Honour (white);
Feet: Expeditionary Sabatons (umber).

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

The Silverhead Scholar (with Wjiyeon of Gladden)

Welcoming a new toon to the family, an alt of Sintuilë, I proudly present to you Wjiyeon, the Silverhead Scholar! 

Now, that title could be referencing her headpiece, or simply her beautiful silver hair (and I am told that after sending me the screenshots, Wjiyeon's player decided not to keep the headpiece - I think I agree with them, but it's not a bad addition if you'd like to keep it). Also, I like keeping my rule about not having outfits consisting of two pieces from the same set (just cause that makes mixing too easy in my opinion), but that's just a rule for myself.

What I particularly like about this outfit is the use of the use of Wildermore crafted piece and barter reward, and weirdly enough in my few years of having Wildermore completed, I've had alts wear Wildermore armour pieces but never got around to finishing outfits with them to keep and record - I had a guardian sister of Eadyth wear the heavy wildermore cosmetic chestpiece as the centre of the outfit but it never kicked off.

Also, it's very subtle but the chestpiece is dyed navy and the cloak is dyed indigo. Now despite that, it still feels like the 'same' colour, and is strangely reminiscent of the idea of the Blue Wizards. I'm not sure if that's what Wjiyeon was going for, but it definitely fits the whole Lore-master look, and I've not seen many Blue Wizard-y outfits around - there have been some but not many, despite the amazing opportunity.

Head: Rune-maker's Hat (default);
Shoulders: Rune-maker's Shoulders (white);
Cloak: Wildermore Cloak of Fate (indigo);
Chest: Supple Wildermore Robe of Tactics (navy);
Hands: Strong Sturdy Leather Gloves (sienna);
Feet: Threadbare Cloth Shoes (rust).

Sunday, 21 October 2018

The Eerie Elf (with Sintuilë of Gladden)

Another outfit submission by Sintuilë and I am loving this one! I was actually planning on using that head piece for my hunter Eadyth but it just had not found a place just yet, so I'm really glad to see it in use here on Sintuilë, especially in conjunction with Halloween (note that I'm writing this post in November of 2017).

So what I like about this outfit is that it achieved exactly what I could not years ago when I created my own elf-maid champion: an outfit both elegantly dress-like as well as intimidating. My inspiration was of course the elves of the Hidden Guard during the Mirkwood expansion., but the dress-like pieces never flared outwards as much as I needed them to. Whilst this piece does contract in certain poses, I think it does the job very well, and really big congratulations to Sintuilë for being able to pull this off!

One thing I never noticed before I started writing this is that the leaf at the base of the shoulderpiece really matches the leaf-like patterns that flow down the robe, which I find absolutely fascinating as they aren't from the same set, but share this oddly similar motif. True, it's not that hard to find similar motifs, but even the chainmail in the game have so many variations to the point that they really don't go together sometimes, so this is a wondrous discovery!

I also really like the choice of location - I think, since it IS Halloween after all, this is the perfect place in game to take pictures, though it might just simply have been Sintuilë not wanting to move too far away from the Haunted Burrow where she does her dailies - I've bumped into her a few times already!

Head: Expeditionary Cap (red);
Shoulders: Lore-keeper's Shoulders (white);
Chest: Rune-maker's Robe (red);
Hands: Ceremonial Gauntlets of the Iron Arm (burgundy);
Feet: Ceremonial Wandering Bard's Shoes (burgundy).

Friday, 21 September 2018

Controversial Clothing (with Jularr of Gladden)

I think the outfit speaks for itself regarding the name - if not, it will once Jularr turns around.

Yeah... I have to say, I don't dislike it - I think it's a nice, fresh, bold move by Jularr to wear something as striking as that. I've seen some outfits in my ~6 years (by the time you're reading this) I've played, and most did not work at all for me. There were a certain few, and I've been sure to commend them, but never have I had the honour of commending one by posting it on my blog (as well as having the honour to getting the opportunity of posting something of the like). 

I think I've used the cloak in a past outfit, but I don't have it anymore, and I don't remember which toon it was on either. I honestly even forgot the cloak even existed because I've not seen it around for so long. But hey, this amazing ensemble by Jularr is a rejuvenating experience, especially in re-experiencing the cloak in its glory.

Head: Harvest-brew Hat (forest green);
Back: Wizard's Cloak of the Rider (rust);
Chest: Decorative Hauberk (rivendell green);
Feet: Ceremonial Nenuial's Boots (default).