Thursday, 21 September 2017

A Flying Flare (with Kyix of Gladden)

I rescheduled the posts to accommodate this outfit being posted here when it is because I wanted to board the "use new Mordor quest rewards" ship as soon as possible. After all, what point would there be to let people see outfits based on these pieces starting June next year (yes, I have posts scheduled until then)? 

By now, Kyix is no stranger to My Middle-earth Mode, and her constant contributions have been stellar so far. This one, however, takes the word "stellar" and brings it further as the outfit simply glimmers under the light of the sun, gleaming hope into the hearts of all the citizens of Gondor. Obviously, the winged theme is used here in the boots, gloves and helm, but my favourite part of the outfit is its use of armour/cosmetic pieces from all over the place.

The helm, albeit winged themed as well, isn't actually part of a Gondorian armour set - both gloves and feet are - but rather is a quest reward from Dunland. Not only that, but the shoulderpiece used here is a 2016 Summer Festival cosmetic item which I imagine shouldn't have Gondorian history behind it - but it works so well!

I feel that the chestpiece is the one piece to bind them all together in such success. Being a one-piecer, it allows for a consistency from the neck all through the torso and legs to the feet, which allows for  more deviations from the set in other areas. Also, looking at the outfit from close up shows the obvious and beautiful glints of light on the metal pieces all over; and I can totally see this being used to great effect in Mordor as the idea of this outfit contradicts the very nature of Mordor, giving hope to those who would fight alongside Kyix in such a dark and desolate place.

Overall, I utterly love this contribution from Kyix, and she has really raised the bar for the quality of outfits on this blog from today on. I might just try my hand at using some Mordor quest pieces in my outfits right now, despite just starting my second semester here at Berklee College of Music - all is going really well, by the way! 

Head: Reinforced Leather Dunlending Helm (Belegaer blue);
Shoulders: Mantle of the Summer Sea (grey);
Back: Cloak of the Unwelcomed Huest (Belegaer blue);
Chest: Invader's Heavy Hauberk (Belegaer blue);
Hands: Heavy Nadhin Gloves (steel blue);
Feet: Heavy Nadhin Boots* (Belegaer blue).

* although supposedly being in the same set as the gloves, this piece has a very different look from the gloves. Kyix said she found it on the Auction House, but I haven't been able to find any of the other pieces in that likeness, so I can't say if there is a whole set like this or if it's just the boots.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Celebrating the My Middle-earth Mode family!

After a year and a half, I'd like to celebrate the ever-growing My Middle-earth Family, as well as (finally!) an actual logo for the blog!

Just a huge thank you to:

1) my inspirations, the other LOTRO fashion websites, and especially Nathrien of Material Middle-earth whose comments bring a smile to my face and motivates me to keep doing this;

2) the friends I've made on Gladden who contribute to the blog by sending me screenshots of their toons in costumes they made: Kyix, Sintuilë & Halygr;

3) my audiences from all across the globe, who make it worth actually documenting these outfits and publishing them online.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Guy Like Gaston

No one's strong like Gaston,
fights bad orcs like Gaston,
stands and ponders his long life in pubs like Gaston.

I wanted to use Gaston as an inspiration for an outfit simply because we had this beautiful rustic looking town called Bree and it would be a shame not to make use of that. Since Gildomir was mainly a crafting alt, he wouldn't have gone far away, so to give him a nice costume to match his surroundings seemed like the thing to do. I didn't take pictures outside but I felt the Prancing Pony seemed like a great place to stage the pub scene from the movies/musical. All we need is a hobbit playing Le Fou!

The cape was added because I loved the way the crimson mixed with the steel blue just like it did in the cartoon movie, right at the end, as he leads the villagers to the Beast's castle. It kinda pops on out of nowhere but it was a very nice design choice that accentuated Gaston's turn to evil, as he was only ever a douche when the movie began - the deep blue finally cloaks the bright pride of red and consumes him in this darkness.

Back: Cloak of the Unwelcome Guest (steel blue);
Chest: Boar Clansman Sentry's Jacket (crimson);
Feet: Fine Westernesse Protctor's Boots (walnut brown).

You could find gloves dyed gold or ranger green to get it more similar to Gaston, but I felt it would stand out too much, thus why I omitted the gloves altogether.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Elf From Korea? (with Sintuilë of Gladden)

Inspired by their own culture, Sintuilë's player decided to dress her champion first in a traditional Korean Hanbok-inspired outfit. Although it's a simple outfit that needs not much explaining, I think she got pretty close with the pieces available to her.

I've personally tried on that outfit, and found that a lavender dyed dress looked more like the picture of the real life hanbok. Now of course the hanbok has many variations in terms of colour, but I do like lavender more than the rose. Unfortunately, the dye costs 20+G in the Auction House so I don't Sintuilë is willing to spend that money on one dye. 

Nonetheless, if you'd like to use this outfit, all you need are the same pieces, and you can almost mix and match any colour combination you like (though I think the hairstyle plays an integral part as well!) - just search "korean traditional dress" on Google and you'll get a vast selection of choices to follow that could suit any situation!

ps. I've been reminded to remind that despite it being Sintuile in game, it should be spelled Sintuilë, with the accent. It translates to "new spring" in Quenya which I can only guess is the player's real name :p

Shoulder: The Beast-keeper's Shoulder Pads (white);
Chest: Festive Azure Party Dress (rose).

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Artificial Auroch

I'm really surprised I hadn't yet posted this considering this outfit was one of the earlier ones I've made. Nonetheless, here it finally is. Also worth noting is that I used the chicken head cosmetic helm for a long time before switching to this one here.

After making so many outfits, I realised something: I don't really have a deep, long, processed train of thought when I do - the outfits just happen. I might have a theme, a colour, a piece, something, but other than that, it's whatever I find and whatever I think fits. This outfit is no exception, in fact it might be the outfit that began me using this strategy.

The idea was to make a badass piece of armour for a goofy chicken head helm, and so I got some of the biggest plates and leathers together in a brownish tone, mixed-matched the different hues of brown, and voila! this outfit was a reality, and from about level 20-60 the head was a chicken. Now I've forgotten why I switched out, but it might have been due to the story becoming more serious, and so did my outfit have to mirror that. It doesn't stop Isenbran from goofing around from time to time, however...

Head: Keen Helm of Determination (white);
Shoulders: Ceremonial Town-saver's Shoulders (white);
Chest: Ceremonial Breastplate of the Aurochs (sienna);
Feet: Ceremonial Pathfinder's Leggings (rust).