Sunday, 21 October 2018

The Eerie Elf (with Sintuilë of Gladden)

Another outfit submission by Sintuilë and I am loving this one! I was actually planning on using that head piece for my hunter Eadyth but it just had not found a place just yet, so I'm really glad to see it in use here on Sintuilë, especially in conjunction with Halloween (note that I'm writing this post in November of 2017).

So what I like about this outfit is that it achieved exactly what I could not years ago when I created my own elf-maid champion: an outfit both elegantly dress-like as well as intimidating. My inspiration was of course the elves of the Hidden Guard during the Mirkwood expansion., but the dress-like pieces never flared outwards as much as I needed them to. Whilst this piece does contract in certain poses, I think it does the job very well, and really big congratulations to Sintuilë for being able to pull this off!

One thing I never noticed before I started writing this is that the leaf at the base of the shoulderpiece really matches the leaf-like patterns that flow down the robe, which I find absolutely fascinating as they aren't from the same set, but share this oddly similar motif. True, it's not that hard to find similar motifs, but even the chainmail in the game have so many variations to the point that they really don't go together sometimes, so this is a wondrous discovery!

I also really like the choice of location - I think, since it IS Halloween after all, this is the perfect place in game to take pictures, though it might just simply have been Sintuilë not wanting to move too far away from the Haunted Burrow where she does her dailies - I've bumped into her a few times already!

Head: Expeditionary Cap (red);
Shoulders: Lore-keeper's Shoulders (white);
Chest: Rune-maker's Robe (red);
Hands: Ceremonial Gauntlets of the Iron Arm (burgundy);
Feet: Ceremonial Wandering Bard's Shoes (burgundy).

Friday, 21 September 2018

Controversial Clothing (with Jularr of Gladden)

I think the outfit speaks for itself regarding the name - if not, it will once Jularr turns around.

Yeah... I have to say, I don't dislike it - I think it's a nice, fresh, bold move by Jularr to wear something as striking as that. I've seen some outfits in my ~6 years (by the time you're reading this) I've played, and most did not work at all for me. There were a certain few, and I've been sure to commend them, but never have I had the honour of commending one by posting it on my blog (as well as having the honour to getting the opportunity of posting something of the like). 

I think I've used the cloak in a past outfit, but I don't have it anymore, and I don't remember which toon it was on either. I honestly even forgot the cloak even existed because I've not seen it around for so long. But hey, this amazing ensemble by Jularr is a rejuvenating experience, especially in re-experiencing the cloak in its glory.

Head: Harvest-brew Hat (forest green);
Back: Wizard's Cloak of the Rider (rust);
Chest: Decorative Hauberk (rivendell green);
Feet: Ceremonial Nenuial's Boots (default).

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Dagger of the Deathless

So, bad news: I deleted Brina before I realised I didn't actually document the pieces used in this outfit. However, I'm 95% certain all pieces (except the cloak) can be found in the Skirmish Camps, so I guess let this be a challenge to you guys to find out what those pieces are? Also, I only found 11 pictures, and among the few were only two poses (both you'll see on this post), so sorry for that too...

Crimson Kin (with Jularr & Halygr of Gladden)

I'm pretty stoked to present to you two community submissions in one entry because they coordinated their outfits to match one another with a similar colour scheme. When I received the files I was so excited to post this, and at the time I'm writing this up, we are 10 months early, so you can guess how impatient I am for this to finally be published!

Here is Jularr, a Dwarven hunter, albeit a pretty heavy duty one. What I like quite a bit is that he doesn't wear a helmet, or cover his head, which shows how sure he is that he won't need it. I think it's pretty badass, and hey, it shows off his cool hairstyle too.

The intricate gold details on the shoulder guards are something that helps the outfit stand out as they contrast brilliantly with the black dyeable area. Another thing about it is that both the shoulder piece and the chest have a wing motif going, which I did not realise before, and that's pretty cool that Jularr managed to put the two together into one outfit.

Shoulders: Shoulder Guards of the Reclaimed City (black);
Chest: Lesser Blade of the West Breastplate (red);
Hands: Gloves of Might (navy);
Legs: Leggings of the Coastal Bulwark (black);
Feet: Pelennor Boots of Wrath (rust).

Jularr's counterpart, Halygr the champion, equips a more aggressive armour with more spikes to it, mirroring the sharpness of his blade. As he needs to engage in close combat, he protects his head with a helmet reminiscent of Dwarven design so his enemies know with whom they mess. Also worth noting is that Halygr's outfit here requires only pieces from skirmish camp barterers, so it's much easier to replicate.

Although I do love the outfit, the problem is quite obvious here: there is a lot of clipping. The armour clips through each other, the beard clips through the helm, and while I can't blame Halygr's player for putting it together, one can wonder why this is still a problem in LOTRO, especially with an outfitting fanbase that is as big as it is. Just a few days ago I saw Nathrien of Material Middle Earth tweet to the official LOTRO twitter page regarding the Harvest Festival cosmetic rewards clipping and stretching very badly. Let's hope this gets fixed soon!

Head: Ceremonial Helm of the Brazen Call (red);
Shoulders: Ceremonial Shoulders of the Gloom-bane (gold);
Chest: Ceremonial Town-saver's Jacket (crimson);
Back: Cloak of Many Worlds (gold);
Hands: Ceremonial Dragon-scale Gloves (grey);
Legs: Ceremonial Pathfinder's Leggings (red);
Feet: Ceremonial Boots of the Graven Word (gold).

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Bree-town Border-guard (with Kyix of Gladden)

Very simple outfit by Kyix, going for the very simple guard or watcher look. We just got her to pose around at Bree because it helped the name fit the alliterative nature of the blog (lol), and also it looks more mannish than anything to be fair. 

You might remember a shot like this by Brina a few posts back, and I thought it would be a funny allusion to that, only this time by an actual respected member of society. 

Of all outfits, this is the one that got more than 3 pictures, and that's not a good thing because I really have nothing to say about it. To me, as well as Kyix's player, it just speaks for itself.

Like, yeah, no idea what to say...

Head: Potent Dextrous Helmet of Fate (sienna);
Shoulders: Ornate Pauldrons of the Dunland Swordsman (white); 
Chest: Lesser Steadfast Chestguard of Fate (black);
Hands: Kelkka-maker's Gauntlets (white);
Feet: Barrow-warrior's Boots (black).