Thursday, 21 December 2017

Guardian of Gondor

In his last days, Gildomir gave his all protecting the lands of Gondor. Knowing his time was nearly up, he lead a small command of soldiers on a suicide mission to reclaim Pelargir against the entire corsair host, buying as much time as they could for Aragorn and his host to arrive.

I can't really say which was the main piece of the set, but if I had to make a guess as to which piece I built the outfit around, I think it was the cloak, because when it was released in game, it really struck me as Turbine hadn't made a beautiful cloak like that before as a festival reward. Inspired, I paired it with the Nadhin heavy armour chestpiece and we had our basis of the outfit.

I knew I wanted to buff his shoulders up, and I thought what better way to do that than with the fluff of something, just like the fur shoulders on Celebindil's The Master over Lore and Life outfit. However, the colour just didn't work, and I was ready to give in to using just another piece of metal when I stumbled upon this beautiful shoulderpiece in Lalia's Market. I bought it instantly, and the rest just fell into place.

The helm was one I'd been hoarding for literally years, sending from alt to alt as I deleted them off slowly, until I finally found a use for them. I think I remember them from an outfit on Lotro Fashion and I told myself I just had to use it in a future outfit - about 4-5 years down the road I finally get there! 

Gildomir clutches his trusty spear and shield, weary of the battle he has faced so far, takes a breath, before charging his final charge into the fray...

Head: Strong Westfold Battle Helmet (black);
Ceremonial Stone-reader's Shoulders (steel blue); 
Back: Reveller's Cloak of the Odogil (steel blue);
Chest: Heavy Nadhin Jacket (steel blue);
Hands: Dwarf-make Iron Gloves (white);
Feet: Lesser Cry of the West Boots (walnut brown).

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