Monday, 25 December 2017

Fan of Frostbluff (with Halenna of Gladden)

For those who don't know, Halenna and I are actually really close friends in real life, and so when the Yulefest came about again this year, I knew of the perfect Christmas gift for her, since she is such a huge fan of the festival.

This outfit was actually one of the first proper outfits I had Eadyth wear for a lot of her initial journey through Middle-earth, probably the first as I had her wear this not after The Great River. Back then, I didn't have the variety of pieces nor the creativity to make outfits, so this was the one I stuck with. Essentially three pieces, with a simple choice of quiver. 

Also, because Halenna's a relatively new player, she too was in that same circumstance I was in when Eadyth first started off, so I thought what better time and situation to give her the pieces I had. Granted, it's not hard to get those pieces, but I just felt like doing something for a friend, especially a friend like Halenna.

Halenna's been having a hard time finding outfits, and I've tried looking with her for pieces, though there are some pieces that she picked out that I don't think work very well with anything else she really has at her disposal right now, unless she just wears a complete set from the skirmish camps, which I don't think she wants. So we're still working on it, but I hope that during the holidays, we'll find time to look.

Sometimes it's nice to have all colours in the outfit match one another, this is one of those times when that isn't necessarily the case. The brown on the quiver stand out so much against the blues and whites and greys, but I felt it gives the outfit a more genuine look, like it would actually be a plausible thing to see, because in all reality nothing matches perfectly. 

Merry Christmas, everyone, and Merry Christmas, Halenna!

Head: Westemnet Assault Hood of Fate (navy);
Shoulders: Mathom-hunter's Mantle (white);
Chest: Snowy Tunic and Trousers (white);
Back: Fine Quiver (navy).

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