Saturday, 21 July 2018

Bree-town Border-guard (with Kyix of Gladden)

Very simple outfit by Kyix, going for the very simple guard or watcher look. We just got her to pose around at Bree because it helped the name fit the alliterative nature of the blog (lol), and also it looks more mannish than anything to be fair. 

You might remember a shot like this by Brina a few posts back, and I thought it would be a funny allusion to that, only this time by an actual respected member of society. 

Of all outfits, this is the one that got more than 3 pictures, and that's not a good thing because I really have nothing to say about it. To me, as well as Kyix's player, it just speaks for itself.

Like, yeah, no idea what to say...

Head: Potent Dextrous Helmet of Fate (sienna);
Shoulders: Ornate Pauldrons of the Dunland Swordsman (white); 
Chest: Lesser Steadfast Chestguard of Fate (black);
Hands: Kelkka-maker's Gauntlets (white);
Feet: Barrow-warrior's Boots (black).

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