Friday, 18 November 2016

Sindar in Sunshine

Even the magical elves need to unwind and indulge in Hobbit hobbies from time to time, and what better time to do so than the Summer Festival. Of course, a new summer-themed outfit is in order. I know this is late, but I already had a scheduled order of outfits up to Halloween, so I hope this outfit isn't too irrelevant. 

Erinil, guardian of Eriador, looks out at the home of the Hobbits not to defend them, but rather to find the 5 missing items (especially that damn teapot which, though unknown to her, is behind her somewhere). Also, she scouts for the numerous crashed kites she has to collect as well as for the groups of overheated patrons she has to cool off by spitting water at, a deed she feels is unhygienic and would be considered rude by her kin, but she does it anyway. 

But all that fishing is tiring, leaving Erinil in a state of hunger and thirst. Unfortunately, the Eating Contest is only open to Hobbits, making her decide she has to run around when nobody is looking and sneak a sip of the ale and a bite of the bread. Her defense: elves already behave themselves throughout the year, so let her have some fun for a few weeks. 

I made this outfit based around the design of both the cloak as well as the cosmetic shield she uses (I'm sorry I forgot to take the pictures of her weapons). I had the shield kept in a vault of an alt for a long time, waiting to be used in an outfit, but when I made Erinil out of boredom and was throwing together an outfit, I noticed that the Summer Festival had a perfect cloak to match the shield. One piece came after another and this was the end result.

Usually, I don't like how narrow cloaks are on tall female characters, which is why I don't play many tall females - Eadyth usually carries a quiver, and cloaks seem okay on Brina. But for some strange reason, I really like the look of cloak on Erinil. I think it has to do with her battle stance (another thing I forgot to take a picture of. Sorry!). But it's amazing how the slightly blue tint of the dyeable part matches so perfectly with the helm as well as the shield. I think it's close to Belegaer Blue.

Head: Ceremonial Helm of the West-tower (orange);
Shoulders: Shining Shoulder Guards (orange);
Back: Cloak of the Summer Sun (white);
Chest: Westement Battle Armour of the Vigilance (sienna);
Hands: Ceremonial Gauntlets of the Quiet Step (orange);
Feet: Lesser Cry of the West Boots (rust).


  1. It's not very often that I see that helmet skin used to successfully, due to the odd undyable greenish(perhpas bluish)-grey color. Even if its an outfit intended for the summer, that's certainly something that can be worn most of the time without feeling out of place. Well done!

    1. *so successfully (blasted auto-correct :p)

    2. Thank you for your comment! Indeed that undyeable colour has been vexing outfitters for too long, but the problem seems to have been fixed with Belagaer Blue which I've found to match it (if my memory serves). Do try it out - I certainly will once I can get my hands on some without spending Mithril!