Sunday, 17 July 2016

Blue-Mountain Berserker (with Halygr of Gladden)

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the famous Halygr who has been graciously helping me take pictures of outfits on my own characters. A tough fighter, he is, with an unquenchable determination to grow (in might, as he can't really grow in height anymore) as he defends his kin living in Ered Luin. 

Seeking Dourhand threats in the mountains, Halygr sacrifices some heavy-armour to match the maneuverability and agility of hunters, but keeps a handy horned helm to both protect himself as well as to intimidate his foes, especially in the dark. But all can agree that nothing is more intimidating than seeing this fierce dwarf charge at you, screaming Khazâd ai-mênu!

Armed with a slim long-sword, Halygr may be a whirlwind with a blade despite his stout figure. Unfortunately, my computer isn't the best one for taking screenshots so the images aren't as sharp as his blade. 

What outfit post of a defender of peoples is complete without a picture of said defender /look[ing] into the distance for threats. Funny enough, you'll see that the Dourhand infestation Halygr is seeking was behind him all along.

Below, you can see Eadyth's first reaction to seeing Halygr suddenly appear with both an amazing outfit and a request to be a guest feature. I want to thank him for all the time he spent taking pictures of my outfits, and welcome him to the My Middle-earth Mode page as a (hopefully returning) feature! 

Head: Ceremonial Helm of the Aurochs (evendim blue); 
Shoulders: Rune-maker's Shoulders (evendim blue); 
Chest: Ceremonial Jacket of the Shield-wall (evendim blue); 
Back: Dusty Seafarer's Cloak (evendim blue);
Hands: Ceremonial Gloves of the Gloom-bane (evendim blue); 
Legs: Ceremonial War-captain's Leggings (evendim blue); 
Feet: Far-arrow's Boots (evendim blue). 

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