Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Singer of the Sutcrofts

Isenbran, friend to and song-singer of the Rohirrim, travels the land of the Horse-lords in search of battle, but more importantly, in search of heroes of whom he writes epics and lays about. Armed with a hammer and shield of Rohan, along his trusty theorbo, he roams the vast green lands.

My apologies, I didn't initially want to post a Rohan-themed outfit next, but I thought that my Hobbit deserved some attention. The base of this outfit was the breastplate (yes, this is the heavy-armoured Hobbit minstrel I mentioned in my previous post) that I got a long time ago when Isenbran just reached level 75, I believe, from one of the quests I completed in my desperate rush to get my first war-steed. Also, notice how I've been using alliteration in titles so far; have a guess/personal bet how long I can keep this up!

At the time I was creating this outfit, I particularly enjoyed putting light armour on heavy-armoured classes, and vice versa. I wondered what it would look like having a fully armoured minstrel charge into the middle of the battlefield, especially during epic battles at Helm's Deep, since minstrels are such hard hitters anyway. I was satisfied with how it looked - it was different - and decided to keep the breastplate on.

The Map-maker's Travel Pack was intended for another minstrel character I made to play with a friend, but since she stopped playing I had stopped playing that minstrel as well, so I thought maybe Isenbran could use that back piece in an outfit. I was surfing through my wardrobe when I accidentally clicked on it, then suddenly I saw a battle-ready minstrel. All I needed was a helm, and thankfully I had one in the wardrobe at the time as well that fit the Rohirric theme of the breastplate. With that, my outfit was completed. I keep hands and feet exposed as to not forget his roots as a humble hobbit, but just look at how well he fits in among the big folk of Rohan!

Head: Enduring Great River Helmet of Agility (olive);
Chest: Utred's Decorated Breastplate (red);
Back: Map-maker's Travel Pack (dark green).


  1. Great color scheme! Your warrior-skald hobbit blends in very well with Rohan's atmosphere. It makes me recall the early days of LOTRO, when minstrels could use medium armor and not have to use the wardrobe to maintain a sturdier appearance. I also love how you've repurposed that Map-maker's Pack and transformed it into an item to store the ballads and epic tales he's written.

    1. Thank you for the comment, Nathrien!

      As always, your opinion means a lot to me. Unfortunately, I wasn't around to experience that (either this or I just hadn't made a minstrel/played a minstrel well enough to know), but it seems like something I would have enjoyed. I've never been one to carry around scores in real life because I play mostly by ear and memory, but I had to find some way I could show that my character was a musician, so this had to do. Haha!